We are creating a Documentary on money, and the basic value of objects. We will be using our very own 'special' effects created by none other than Ben Kelly himself.




To create an educational and informative video about the value of various objects, like minerals, actual currency (how much it costs to produce), whether we should use old currencies, one currency worldwide, comparing the value of different objects worldwide, why we no longer use gold as currency - how we got modern day currencies, what gold is actually used for, like jewelry, sign of importance etc... if you found a new material how you could make it valuable.


Now to the 12th of June: finish/create pitch: Done

                           12th to the start of term 3: finish research

                            complete the movie by half way through term 3 to beginning of term 4                                         

               (including editing halfway through term 4 at the latest)

                            present once finished

Hows It Going?

21st August

We are currently working on our script, adding in awesometastic effects and scene changes ect. We will finish the script when will gets back from australia. Because he knows what is going in and me and liam dont haha.